Navya Masalas and Podis and Chutney Mixes

True Hyderbaadi Masalas Authentic Andrha Podis and Chutney Mixes.

About Navya masalas and podis

"Athithi Devo Bhava"
"Serve food to your guest as you serve God"

Babco Food International LLC takes pride in bringing out a range of “Ready to cook Masala Powders” Ready to Eat Spicy Podis” and “Ready to use Chutney Mixes”.

These products are available at Indian groceries in U.S. under the brand name Navya

Supply of Navya masala powders apart, our endeavour is to popularise Indian food

Indian cuisine is as diverse as its different rich regional languages. A true experience of its land, language and food

Indian food system is based on a Parampara (tradition)
A parampara from mother to daughter - daughter to grand-daughter - and so on
It is an art
An art of its own culinary varieties and tastes
The joy one derives in preparation, serving as well as served

Through this site, we wish to present information about Indian food to the world community. This site furnishes information about Indian food, Grandma’s remedies (household remedies), Indian food ingredients and its translation in major Indian languages, food items and its nutrient values and presence of vitamins, information on metric and imperial weight values and to maintain your physique what should be your weight based on your height and age etc.

Navya masalas and podis are prepared by Telugu people. Our endeavour is to make and supply food items that are close to the nativity of Telugu people of Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema

Keeping in line with tangy and tongue twisting Telugu tastes of Podis and Chutney Mixes and Hyderabadi style spicy masalas, we make our products. We strive to bring homely flavour and taste to our products as that used to be churned by our great grand mothers

Navya Masalas are spicy and tasty

Navya Podis are palatable and pleasurable

Navya Chtuney Mixes are tangy and tongue twisting

Our Masala items have the touch of Hyderabadi flavour. Navya masala items consist of Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Tomato, Spices and Chilli – All in one! You have to just mix Navya masala to the item and cook!

Our Podi and Chutney Mix items are made with Spices, Lentils and Greens. Podis are ready to eat and Chutney mixes are ready to mix and cook

"Bless those who serve"